We believe in a society where members get involved in the development of the local community and cooperate with public authorities for the sustainable development of the communities of which they are part.

Laolaltă (means Toghether) and active and involved citizens work on the following strategic directions: community involvement and development, participatory urban development, and advocacy for underprivileged communities.

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What we aim for

  • Opening 2 Community Centres in the regions of Moldova: in Ungheni and Balti
  • Implementation of projects aimed at courtyard improvement
  • Assistance in transport, legal, educational, medical services; psychological support; childcare
  • Capacity building activities and public events in Chisinau and regions of Moldova.
  • Conducting public actions, charity campaigns, participation in marches
  • Information support for internally displaced persons, including the local community through information materials and social networks
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We are gathered #laolalta (#together) people of all ages and specialties to bring change at the community level, through programs and projects that involve citizens to work well with the authorities and take mutual responsibility. As a team and through solidarity, compassion, non-discriminatory attitude and active involvement we will succeed.

You can support us

Redirect your income tax

You can redirect 2% of your annual income tax to support AO Laolalta.

Help us be sustainable, buy the finest products created with love for you.


By the way!

For an alternative method of fundraising, at Community Center 151 in Chisinau, in addition to the events we do and in partnership with other NGOs, we host events for a fee, if we share the same values.

The offer
Our work would not have been possible without our partners...

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