This week we already mark 2 years since the war in Ukraine started and Ukrainians were forced to leave their homes, the country…

So, for 2 years, many of these people have been in the Republic of Moldova, trying to integrate into our communities.

Therefore, we share with you information about our new project “FACTS – Fighting Against Disinformation about Ukraine in Romania and Moldova”. The main goal is to fight misinformation and propaganda about the war in Ukraine and the life of Ukrainian refugees in Moldova and Romania.

The FACTS project has several components and activities to achieve its goals:

  • Research and identification: Through community workshops and research, the project aims to identify myths, fake news, misinformation and propaganda related to the conflict in Ukraine and the lives of Ukrainian refugees.
  • Social media campaigns: the project team will develop informative and engaging content to counter misinformation and propaganda on social media. This content will include infographics, videos, posters and articles that will debunk misinformation and present factual information.
  • Involving media actors: the project will work with media outlets to present positive news and stories about Ukrainian refugees in Moldova and Romania, focusing on resilience, community integration and acts of solidarity.
  • Study visit: One of the activities of the project is to organise a study visit of Laolaltă colleagues to the LOGS Association in Timisoara, to enable the exchange of expertise and knowledge and to provide support to the project.

LAOLALTĂ aims to identify myths and misinformation and counter them with accurate information and real facts. Through workshops, social media campaigns and collaboration with the media, we will promote understanding and empathy towards displaced people in Ukraine and fight discrimination based on misinformation.

The FACTS project is funded by TechSoup and Hive Mind and implemented in partnership with @Logs Association, from February to April 2024 in Chisinau (Republic of Moldova) and Timisoara (Romania).