FACTS – Fighting Against Disinformation about Ukraine in Romania and Moldova

This week we already mark 2 years since the war in Ukraine started and Ukrainians were forced to leave their homes, the country… So, for 2 years, many of these […]

A panel discussion at Community Centre 151: “Inspire through change, inspire the community”

As a sign of solidarity and support, on the eve of the two-year of Russia’s large-scale invasion of Ukraine, the Community Centre 151 hosted a panel discussion with and for […]

DVOR study visit to Riga, Latvia: participants’ feedback

In order to discover other countries’ experience of urban development, infrastructure, community building among neighbours and possibilities to change things for the better, five DVOR 3.0 participants and two Laolaltă […]

Successful completion of research within the DVOR 3.0 Program: Results and Collective Mobilization

The LAOLALTA Public Association, with the financial support of the US Agency for International Development (USAID), announces the successful completion of the process of researching the needs of the yards […]

Night March “Safer Together \ Laolaltă”

Dark neighborhoods, unlit pathways – we have all felt at some point that insecurity accompanies us during our nighttime journeys. Globally, statistics show that women and girls most often feel […]

Photo exhibition: From ‘DVOR’ to ‘DVOR’

‘Cotileț, evroremonturi and ‘pristroici’. Cats and ‘pisicarese’. Pits and mud. Grocery store and ‘Apa Pură’ (Pure Water). Cars are parked at random. Greenery and singing birds. Flower gardens decorated with […]