The ‘DVOR’ project was launched in 2021 by the “Laolaltă Association”. The initiative comes from desire to know the yards and communities of the block better, as well as to create a bridge between them and the local authorities. The project is currently in its third edition, and each edition of the project brings something new to communities and yards.

Why ‘DVOR’? Because it is an authentic word that incorporates the community of people who live in blocks.

The project involves a sequence of activities through which we identify the problems of the yards, involve and support the residents to develop their own ideas for improving the social and physical environment in the area, provide microfinance for the implementation of the projects, and also provide support for the participants to raise funds and interact with authorities on their own.

The second edition of ‘DVOR’, held in the first half of 2023, pursued an additional goal of cohesion between host communities and Ukrainian families, addressing the problems of urban dwellers, such as lack of community ties, poor quality infrastructure, and a lack of public services.

For the third edition, we plan to address the problems caused by the segregation between Romanian and Russian-speaking residents.

The long-term goal of the project is to create an institutionalized mechanism to act as a bridge between local public authorities and communities in the ‘DVOR’. To achieve our goals, we have established the following objectives:

Strengthening local leadership and promoting community involvement

Laolaltă believes that strengthening local leadership and encouraging community engagement lay the foundation for a community-centered approach to urban development. This empowers residents to make collaborative decisions and ensures that the development of the yard aligns with the values and needs of the communities involved.

Increasing inclusion and participation in decision-making

Our organization aims to create a more inclusive and cohesive urban environment where residents from different backgrounds actively participate in decision-making, ensuring that development initiatives are representative of the diversity and needs of the community.

Empowering sustainable urban communities through advocacy and education

Laolalta understands that informed citizens are better prepared to support their needs, communicate effectively with local authorities, and actively participate in shaping their yards. For this reason, we are looking to create educational opportunities and facilitate equitable access to information resources for participatory urban development.

If you want to make changes in the ‘DVOR’, you can contact us: