With your support, only #laoalaltă we can build strong communities, continue everything we started and work in new directions. That’s why we urge you to redirect 2% of your income to AO Laolaltă IDNO 1020620008418. As a tax payer, it doesn’t cost you anything, but for us it’s an extra motivation to continue doing everything we set out to do.

Read below clear information about how the mechanism works and how you can redirect 2%.

Why redirect 2%?

It costs you nothing, the money is not taken from your salary, it goes to the state anyway. And through the 2% mechanism, like any tax payer, you can decide who needs your support.

How the 2% mechanism works

This mechanism is only available to individuals, tax payers. Each year, they can remit 2% of their income when they file their income tax return for the previous year. The deadline for submitting the income statement is April 30.

How can I redirect 2%?

  1. Physically at the FISC. Go to any office of the State Fiscal Inspectorate (FISC) with your identity card. Ask to submit the “Declaration of the natural person regarding income tax” – form CET18 and mention that you want to redirect 2% of the income to AO Laolaltă, tax code: 1020620008418.
  2. Electronically. If you have an electronic signature, you can submit the form online 24 hours a day, through the www.servicii.fisc.md platform. Tick the “Percentage designation” section and enter the Laolaltă tax code: 1020620008418.
    If you encounter difficulties when completing the Declaration, you can call the telephone line of the State Fiscal Service Call Center at number 08001525

Please share this message, because only #together we can build strong communities. Thank you!